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Targeted LinkedIn on Autopilot!

  • SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: Share relevant information, such as posts and congratulate your connections.
  • MORE TRAFFIC, LEADS and REVENUE: Get a sneak peek at what our linkedin training course will show you (coming soon)!
  • GET YOUR BUSINESS NOTICED: Cost-effictively helps brands and business increase traffic, customers and improve ROI - exclusively on LinkedIn.


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Evolve's LinkedIn Marketing Service

Generate Big Business From Linkedin - On Virtual AutoPilot!

Would you like to be able to generate actual revenue and quality joint venture arrangements from your LinkedIn connections?

Hi Fellow Business Owner,

Are you struggling with Linkedin?

Not sure if it’s the place to get new business?

Well you are leaving a lot of potential prospects and customers on the table if your not leveraging Linkedin to your benefit.

But “I Don’t have time!” you say….

What if all you have to do is have high quality conversations like these?
AND… that’s your only job?

These types of conversations leads to revenues. Right?

Sure did me. In fact I was getting hammered with appointments and Joint Ventures within a week of starting this new strategy.

If you look back at the activity graph I actually had to slow things down to cope with the influx of leads.

So by now I have you convinced this is a great idea...

But of course we are back to the fact that you are time poor and have no idea where to start!


So “What If”….

I offer you a customised service that will show you how we can put your Linkedin Marketing on AutoPilot leaving you to deal with just the qualified leads?

This is how it will work:

  • We review your Linkedin Profile and make recommendations for improvement.
  • We make sure you have at least 500+ connections (if not we will put a strategy in place to achieve this quickly).
  • Help you ramp your activity dramatically in the areas of profile views, likes, endorsements and congratulations.
  • Put a message strategy in place to generate engagement.
  • Help you seek out viable qualified prospects using Linkedin’s unique advanced search capabilities.
  • Flick the “on” button!


Ok, but I told you “I don’t have any time!!!”

  • Your time involvement will be about an hour conversation with us.
  • We will help you implement the strategies on autopilot (essentially do this for you!).
  • We will project manage your strategy.
  • Sit back and monitor your inbox for viable leads.
  • Respond to qualified enquiries only.
  • Leave the rest to us!


Please don’t expect miracles in a week!
whilst we can implement great strategies and you will see a massive increase in activity, after 7 days you will likely get a good idea of how our strategy will work for you long-term. By sheer volume of activity it means you almost can’t lose.


And.. Bonus!

I would love you to try our Twitter Marketing Service (normally $98 per week).

We found that this strategy will give your lead generation even bigger boost.

So take action with the first 20 clients and we will give you a whole month of the Silver Package for no extra charge. That alone is valued at $392!


Andrew Zappavigna

P.S. Take action today and invest a small amount in your Linkedin lead generation strategy.

Low cost with the very real potential of BIG returns!

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