All businesses need a means of getting ahead so they can do as well as possible in today’s fast paced world. LinkedIn can provide that edge that can help a business to grow and succeed when it is used properly. It’s not a question of if a business should be using LinkedIn, it’s a question of how can you use it better.
Businesses must get familiar with the tools that LinkedIn has to offer that can enhance your company’s ability to do networking, build up your brand name, get more credibility, find new employees, get leads, and much more.

By using these and other tools within LinkedIn, you can help your company to thrive and succeed both online and offline. These tools include:

LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Groups are a great way to start making connections in your niche. For example, if you are selling pet products, then you should do a search for already formed groups that offer similar products and services related to the type of pet products you provide. Or, you can even make your own group as well and look for appropriate followers to join it.
Once you are a group member or are the leader of your own group, you can do things like get involved in discussions about new things in your field or solving problems in your niche, etc. Or, you can use them to introduce your business to others and start getting more known in your industry.
Getting involved in groups helps you to stay active in your line of work and you can post info on your own company or read about what is going on in the other groups. Just make sure what you post is relevant and up-to-date so it is valuable to your followers. This helps build your credibility and can turn you into the “go to” company in your business, thus helping to build your brand name.

Networking opportunities in LinkedIn
LinkedIn also gives businesses a platform in which to network with other businesses, potential employees or interested customers. By doing this, your company can show its expertise in your field and meet with like-minded professionals that can ultimately help you to learn new things, find solutions to problems, find new talent for your job openings, and much more. They can also become your followers and do things like give recommendations and endorsements that will also help your business to succeed and perhaps even become a household word for all to know and use your products and services.

LinkedIn Helps Get Leads
LinkedIn can also provide you lots of data that can be used to get new leads for your company. This can be done by doing things like checking out the profiles of other businesses or individuals to find new contacts, developing mutual relationships with other businesses that can help you to get new customers, sharing information with your followers that can spark interest in your products and services, etc.

Once you get a few new leads, you can use their LinkedIn profiles to get ideas on reaching out to people or businesses they know that could also be interested in buying your products or services or that can help you in other ways like finding new employees or others that can benefit your company.

Employee Recruitment Using LinkedIn
LinkedIn is also a great venue to find highly capable future employees.  You can search for potential new people by using keywords, searching a specific place, and putting in the characteristics you desire. Then, once you have a few potential candidates, you can read their profiles and make contact if you think they are a good fit for your open positions. Some studies have even shown that LinkedIn can decrease the time it takes to find new employees by more than 50 percent.

LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations
LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements on your products and services can also go a long way to making your business a future success. Followers or members of the groups you are in can give you recommendations or endorsements if they approve of your company. These are somewhat similar to Facebook likes or a Google+1 choice and make a great testimonial about how your business has helped them in some fashion. They can make others more interested in your company and what it could do for them.

The main point is that if your business doesn’t have a LinkedIn account, then you are missing out on one of the best ways to get your company known and help it to become more successful and more profitable in the future.

LinkedIn has been growing exponentially ever since it was released in May 2003 and has gone from an initial 350 members to more than 200 members today. It is considered to be the top social networking site for professionals and businesses.

If used correctly, LinkedIn can be a great way to boost your business brand and credibility. Here are some LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts to show you how to effectively use LinkedIn to promote your business, instead of ruining it.

LinkedIn Dos:
Do Make Sure Your Profile is Complete and Up-To-Date — Your LinkedIn profile is one of the very first things that people see when they go to your LinkedIn page whether it is your personal account or your Company Page. This means that it is vital to ensure that your profile has a good photo, as well as up-to-date contact information for your business. It should also list all of the relevant and current data for your products and services. Remember, your profile is a reflection or who you are and acts like a first impression for anyone who comes across your account.

Do Be Proactive When Trying to Get Contacts — Once you have set up your LinkedIn account, you can’t just sit back and expect all contacts or followers to come to you. You must be proactive and reach out for yourself to look for followers and get connections on LinkedIn.

Do Cross Promote Your LinkedIn postings – If you want to get the most out of your LinkedIn account so that it can help you to get more traffic to your business website, then you need to do things like put the URL for your website or blog in your signature, list your LinkedIn URL on your business cards, and put a LinkedIn button on your website.

Be Active in Groups
Once you a member or an owner of a LinkedIn group, you need to stay active in it. Be sure to post something at least once a week, join in the conversations, start a new thread, etc. Whatever you post, be sure that it is relevant and current and something that the group topic can relate to that will bring value to the group.

LinkedIn Don’ts:
Don’t use the same invitation for every contact

When you are reaching out to someone that you wish to become a follower or that you may want an endorsement or recommendation for, be certain that each invitation you write is unique for that contact. Otherwise it will look canned and impersonal. However, you should keep these invites short and to the point, as well as try to help them join LinkedIn if they are not yet a member.

Don’t Just Connect With Everyone – Don’t connect with just anyone just because they say yes. You should learn about the person or business first, and see if they can be valuable to have as a contact. In the same fashion, don’t just connect willy-nilly to dozens of Groups on LinkedIn. You should choose the ones that are relevant to your business niche.

Don’t SPAM on LinkedIn — When using LinkedIn don’t be that annoying person who does things like sending connection requests to unknown people, or who keeps posting marketing messages about your products or services, or subscribing people to your newsletter without their permission.

Don’t post worthless information – When making a post, be sure that everything you write is based on something that your potential customers or your business contacts need. It should always be up-to-date and relevant to your business niche. Using LinkedIn just to promote yourself is wrong, and it won’t help get your business the credibility and success you want. Don’t hog the conversations and interactions in your postings either or people will just learn to ignore you instead of seeing you as the business to go to for answers.

Don’t lie or exaggerate your skills – Telling a lie is never a good thing and LinkedIn is no exception. When listing your skills and job experience on LinkedIn, be sure to tell the truth about your abilities or what your company is capable of doing for others with your products or services. Lies will always be found out in the end and that could ultimately ruin your business.
The bottom line is that LinkedIn is an amazing tool that can be used to promote your business and grow your brand easily and more quickly than other venues. If you learn to use LinkedIn correctly, then it will be your best choice for getting ahead in today’s fast-paced Internet centric world.

Every small business owner is always on the lookout for more tools to help make their business more profitable. One way to do this through social media that you may not have considered is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a site for professionals and companies to share knowledge meet each other and interact in many ways.

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002, and launched a few months later in May 2003. From a start of only 350 members, it has grown to more than 225 million users in more than 200 countries and territories all over the world. Its members include many businesses both large and small and LinkedIn has become a fantastic way to beef up your business’ brand, as well as attract more customers and even help to hire professional and talented staff and crew members.

How Can LinkedIn Work For My Small Business?
Small business owners are using LinkedIn in innumerable and innovative ways. Some have discovered the power of tools within LinkedIn such as Company Pages and Groups, while others are finding new allies and partners in other businesses, as well as boosting the traffic to their websites through up-to-date and relevant postings of articles, photos and more.
Here are some tips and suggestions of ways that LinkedIn can work for your business, no matter if it is large or small:

Make Connections on LinkedIn to Boost Your Profits
LinkedIn is a great venue for sharing information about your business. Through your LinkedIn network a business can acquire followers and then get new connections through the recommendations of those followers. LinkedIn offers the power to form these relationships with professionals in your niche, as well as interested customers, all over the world. This can truly turn your company into a global venture where you can get hundreds or even thousands of potential sales all over the world instead of being restricted to your own location.

Keep Your Postings Relevant and Up-to-Date
It’s vital for a business to regularly post relevant and up-to-date information on what’s going on in their niche and what new products and services they are creating. The more posted, the more your business can be seen as the “go to” company in your niche. This helps your company to establish credibility in your field by you interacting with your followers through the answering of questions, participation in LinkedIn groups, and sharing all kinds of data that people truly want to know. Put a face to your company and get it out there on LinkedIn and people will start learning your name and how your business can help them meet their needs.

LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations Help Businesses to Grow
LinkedIn also offers what are called recommendations and endorsements on a business’ products and services. These can be given by your followers or the people or companies in your Groups. It is similar to a Facebook like or a Google+1 endorsement in the other social media venues. Recommendations and endorsements are like word-of-mouth testimonials about your business and what it has done to impress someone or meet their needs. These tools help to make your business more credible and real and so they encourage others to try out your business and can turn potential customers into loyal fans and future clients.

LinkedIn Groups Can Forge Powerful Connections for Businesses
LinkedIn also gives you the ability to both form groups and join groups. You can search for groups in your niche and request to join them. This can help you to become noticeable in our field and to grow the brand name of your company through interaction with group members.
You can also form your own group and invite people to join it. This can be turned into a way to educate potential clients, potential new employees and other business professionals in your field about how your company works, what it does, what products or services it offers and why it is something they will want to know about. Don’t waste the opportunities to both join and form a group on LinkedIn or you will be turning away hundreds of opportunities to get traffic and interest in your company websites, blogs, etc.

Recruit New Members
Another sometimes overlooked tool for businesses on LinkedIn is finding great professional and qualified people to join your team. There are millions of professional workers in your niche with accounts on LinkedIn that may be just the type of people you are looking for to fill open positions in your company! You can learn a lot about them through their profiles, and through the recommendations and endorsements they have received from other LinkedIn members.
The bottom line is that having a LinkedIn account is vital to all businesses small or large, so don’t let this this great opportunity pass you by; make your account now!

LinkedIn has developed into one of the essential tools that anyone in the world of business can use to help promote their company. Even so, if you don’t understand how to use it effectively, then even the power of more than 200 million members won’t help you to grow your business and make it succeed and thrive.
LinkedIn, just like any other successful venue, isn’t a stagnant tool. It is ever changing and producing more ways to help business professionals and their companies promote themselves, find out what’s new in their field and help others in their business industry as well.

Here are a few tips on the most effective ways to use LinkedIn to help promote your business:

Don’t Forget to Cross Promote Things on Your LinkedIn Pages
Millions of people post things on their LinkedIn pages all the time, but they may not think to also link it to their other social networking sites, their websites or their blogs. If you have accounts with not only LinkedIn, but with Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, for example, you can get more out of your posts by cross linking them to each other. This means that many more people will potentially see your posts and your business will get more exposure, which equals more brand advertising and more credibility for your company.

Be Sure to Use the LinkedIn Mobile Apps
Just about everyone seems to have a smart phone these days and if you don’t take advantage of that by using LinkedIn Mobile, then you are missing out on the potential of hundreds or more prospective leads and customers. Mobile sites are big nowadays because regular websites don’t usually load onto cell phones. So, if you aren’t using LinkedIn mobile along with your LinkedIn account, you won’t be able to reach them.

Post Relevant and Useful Data Regularly
Another effective way to get the most out of your LinkedIn account is to keep posting relevant and useful data at least three times weekly. One of the worst things you can do is build your LinkedIn account and then forget about it. But if you go out of your way to find something new about your industry and post that to your LinkedIn pages or help one of your contacts with a problem they posted or start a group discussion that helps build your brand credibility, and then you are using LinkedIn properly. If not, no one will know who you are or what your business can do for them and that doesn’t promote your brand or get you potential leads and customers.

Contents you put on your posts can be seen by everyone in your groups and all of your contacts, so be sure what you put online is correct and current. Posting on a regular basis will help your company earn the trust of other LinkedIn members and could help you to find potential leads or customers.

Make Sure Your Profile is Complete
Another thing to keep current and complete is your LinkedIn profile. This is the first thing someone sees when they find you on LinkedIn, so you want it to be complete with all of the current data on your company and you. Be sure to put in there what the company can do for your customers and not just make it all about you. People who read your profile could be anything from potential customers to potential employees or just other like-minded business people who want to connect with you and join your network.
Your profile needs to be written in a professional manner and include a current photo of you in business attire. This will help people to put a face to the name and make it easier to see your business as being human and not just some big business in the sky that doesn’t care about anything but its bottom line.

Join Groups
Be sure to take advantage of LinkedIn Groups. These are groups of people who come together to discuss a topic that they all believe in or a business niche that they all belong to. If you join groups in your industry you will learn more about what is going on in your field and can help grow your brand by participating in group discussions. You can also create your own group and invite other professionals to join it. Then you can be the one who leads the discussion and if you provide good content, this can also help your business become the “go to” expert in your business niche.
Using the above tools along with your LinkedIn account can help you to use it in the most effective way possible that can help to make your company well-known and more profitable.

Internet Marketers are business owners who sell their products and services online from websites. Working online brings much advantage since he can reach people all over the world and entice them to buy their products. However, any business is always on the lookout for even more ways to promote their company, get more customers and make more profits, and LinkedIn can do that for Internet Marketers.

All of the Fortune 500 businesses have formed accounts on LinkedIn, which shows you that this platform is taken seriously in the business world. Nearly every second another business is forming an account on LinkedIn as well and as of this year it has more than 200 million users, many of which are Internet Marketers with the same hopes to make profits and grow their business as any other company.

Grow Your Business through LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a powerful social network for professionals in all kinds of work, including Internet marketing. It can help business people to boost their turnovers through being able to reach targeted customers, grow their brand and credibility, advertise their products and services, grow their network through their followers and groups, and much more.
Marketing through social media networks like LinkedIn gives business owners a quick and nearly instantaneous method of reaching out to their potential customers, clients, and fellow businesses. LinkedIn allows them to reach millions more customers than ever before and best of all, most of these services are free or cost much less than traditional forms of advertising like print or broadcast.

LinkedIn Advertising Helps Businesses Succeed
One such method is called LinkedIn advertising. This platform lets business marketers talk to their sales prospects, get their personal details and be able to easily follow up with them and convince them to buy your products or services. LinkedIn advertising is not free, but it can help you to make money through being able to advertise your products and services.
The advertisements on LinkedIn can be targeted by job title, location, and several other parameters. Even though the advertising options on LinkedIn could be expensive depending on how it is used, it is also very highly focused and so can be very effective. This means you can grow your audience easily and get people to come to your website or blog as well.

LinkedIn Helps Grow Your Business Brand
Branding is vital to an Internet Marketer if he wants customers to recognize his company. With LinkedIn your business profile is what visitors see first and it should give relevant and up-to-date data on your company and what it can do for potential customers and clients. That’s why all businesses should create a Company Page on LinkedIn.
Each Company Page has a profile page, just like in a personal LinkedIn account. For your profile on you Company Page, you should post a business-related picture of yourself so your potential customers and clients can put a face to your name if you are the company owner. The picture you place here will be what shows up in your posts and people will use it to recognize you and your brand. You could also use your logo if you have one. Plus, it’s vital to list the URL for your website or blog and link people who read your postings back to it.

Your Company Page can be used to talk about new products and services, help put out answers to questions relating to your niche, create groups of like-minded people in your field, advertise for job openings in your company, etc. It’s one of the best ways to market your Internet business and is much more cost effective than many other methods of advertising.
You promote your business through your Company pages and through this medium, you should see an influx of lots of new visitors to your website that you can entice to become new customers.

Don’t forget to optimize your Company Page content by using relevant and trending keywords for your business niche. Keep in mind that Google indexes LinkedIn pages and they can be searched and will show up in a search engine query by a potential customer or client.

Attractive presentation on your Products and Services Page Vital
A Company Page also has a Products and Services section you can use to place things like testimonials, endorsements, recommendations and more that concern your Internet Marketing business ventures. The more your followers talk good about your products and services, the better your profits should ultimately become.
A simple, but effective method of advertising your business is to put a LinkedIn button onto your website o blog. Then, you can get people going back and forth from your website to your LinkedIn account and vice versa.